Make Money Online from Blogging

The act of blogging in and of itself is often free, but that doesn’t mean that blogging can’t serve as a useful platform from which you can earn money online. Many people are earning over 5 figures a month “just blogging”, by combining it with things like affiliate sales, ad networks, and paid reviews.

Go to the last chapter of this post to see all of the blogger income reports I have collected. There are thousands of blogs started everyday and most of them die off over the course of a few months/years.

From personal experience I think it is best to start a blog with a purpose/passion – aside from making money. This will help you to be successful in the long run, as it is normal to spend many months blogging without earning anything. Here are some of the best blogging sites you can use to get started:

How To Start A Blog - a post I wrote that will get you up and blogging in a matter of minutes. - Free weblog publishing tool from Google, for sharing text, photos and video. Quick and easy to setup and links with your Gmail account.

Livejournal - A service for journals and blogs, that also offers privacy controls, photo storage, publishing tools, style templates, and online communities for many interests. - Free blogs managed by the developers of the WordPress software. Includes custom design templates, integrated statistics, automatic spam protection . You domain will look like It’s different from Word

Published on: 6/10/18, 5:46 PM